School/College/Business: BT Adastral Park & Suffolk Schools
Topic: Teacher CPD Event at BT Adastral Park
Gatsby Benchmark(s): Benchmark 1, 2 and 4
Teachers across Suffolk got the opportunity to visit BT Adastral Park and learn
about the UK’s thriving digital ecosystem and view BTs Global R&D unit.
The purpose of the visit was to inspire educate teachers on the digital tech sector across Suffolk and ensure
they were aware of all the pathways into the sector. During the visit, hosted by Pam Popay and Rika Nauck
of BT, staff learned about BT, Adastral Park and Innovation Martlesham. They also received a presentation
by graduates and apprentices from BT telling their stories about the world of work and their career
Adastral Park is home to BTs Global R&D unit and guests experienced a tour of the ‘Showcase Suite’. BTs
Customer Showcase Suite immerses guests in nine industry-themed showcases, each one highlighting new
technologies and leading-edge concepts. The showcases demonstrate the different ways in which these
technologies can be used in specific business sectors ranging from retail and banking through to logistics
and the oil and gas industries. The teaching staff were astounded by the digital opportunities available on
the doorstep for pupils and were left feeling inspired and prepared to educate students on local
opportunities. For more information about the suite, visit. Showcases at Adastral Park or contact Jordan
Holder at [email protected] .