John Taton, Maintenance Manager, Waste to Energy Plant, SUEZ
Where did you go to school? Trentham High School in Stoke
on Trent
What path did you take to get to your current positon? 24
years in the rmy as an ircraf Technician
What subjects did you study? I lef school with 5 GCSEs. I studied aircraf engineering as
part of an apprentceship and then went on to gain
qualificatons in Business Studies and Technology Management.
How many jobs have you had, and can you name them? 2͖ My current role and my rmy
What school subjects link to your career? Metalwork, Design, Maths, Business Studies, IT.
typical day in your current role looks like: typical day involves ensuring all the reactve
maintenance has been carried out, approving expenditure and coordinatng actvates
across the plant.
What skills do you use daily, that you learnt at school? Working in a team, communicatng
with people and displaying a good work ethic.
What is the number #1 piece of advice you’ve been given that helped you with your
career choice? Have confidence in your ability. No one knows everything.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I am currently content in my role so I can’t see
myself moving at the moment.
What is the average salary for this role? bout £60K
If you could have done anything differently on your career journey, what would it be?
Exploitng the travelling opportunites that the rmy has to offer. I stayed at home way too
Why do you love your job?
lways a challenge, close to home and good work/life balance͘