School/College: Stour Valley Community School
Topic: Suffolk Skills Show - EAN LMI Activity
Gatsby Benchmark(s): 2 and 5
During the Suffolk Skills Show in October it was the goal of the New Anglia Enterprise Adviser
Network (EAN) to increase the attending student’s knowledge of what is Labour Market Information
(LMI) and the importance it will play in their future career decisions. To capture their attention at the
New Anglia EAN stand, the game ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ was adapted to reflect LMI
information and the growing sectors within New Anglia. The students who played, either did so as a
team of friends, or as individuals. They had to answer a series of questions in order to build their
‘cash’ levels, ultimately becoming ‘millionaires’. Each group or individual who achieved ‘millionaire’
status had their name(s) and school written down and placed in a draw.
The winner was a Year 9 student attending Stour Valley Community School in Clare. When asked
about the experience, he said “I thought it was a really cool game. I liked learning about all the
different information.”
For further details, please contact Darian Vomund, [email protected] / 07713 708409