• School/College: Short Stay School for Norfolk
• Topic: Whole School Staff CPD focusing on Gatsby & Employer Engagement
• Gatsby Benchmark(s): 1 and 4
Led by the Trust’s Careers Lead, Denise Anderson and supported by two of the Trust’s Enterprise
Advisers, the SSSFN delivered whole school staff continuous professional development to update
them on changes to careers education, including the new Ofsted framework, statutory guidance and
the importance of employer engagement to enrich and support the curriculum. The Enterprise
Advisers led part of the session, delivering an interactive game around employability skills and
employer expectations. Denise presented the schools reduced not in education, employment of
training (NEET) figures following commitment to the careers programme, demonstrating impact.
Staff were also invited to ‘pledge’ their involvement in the careers programme on a pledge board.
This was full by the end of the day and included great ideas, requests for help with employer
engagement in specific subject areas, along with possible volunteers from the teachers’ network. Of
the day, the Career Lead said: “It was a fantastic session which helped our staff think outside the box
when it comes to curriculum delivery. To be able to demonstrate the impact of an effective, whole
school careers programme which has strong employer links by seeing a reduction in our NEET figures
is great and ensures we are giving our students the best tools to succeed in life.”
 For further details, please contact Hannah Colledge, [email protected] / 07552 576312