Charlote Fish , pprentce Client dviser, Marsh
Where did you go to school? Reepham High School
What path did you take to get to your current positon? High school, sixth
form, a year at university then joined Marsh on the apprentceship scheme October 2018
What subjects did you study? t Level, French, English Language and Spanish. t Univer-
sity, Internatonal Business, Spanish and French
How many jobs have you had, and can you name them? This is my first full tme job.
What school subjects link to your career? English and occasionally French and Spanish.
Some modules from my Internatonal Business course also provided some fundamental un-
typical day in your current role looks like: Tending to client needs, processing invoices,
assistng with other colleagues on various accounts, WIP calls and meetngs
What skills do you use daily, that you learnt at school? ll functonal skills, i.e. maths, Eng-
lish and IT
What is the number #1 piece of advice you’ve been given that helped you with your
career choice? You are under no obligaton to do anything you don’t feel is right for you -
getng good grades doesn’t mean you must contnue in educaton and an apprentceship
doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to contnue learning.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Potentally stll at Marsh
What is the average salary for this role? s an apprentce at present - £14k.
If you could have done anything differently on your career journey, what would it be?
Why do you love your job?
I enjoy the department I am in and have been fortunate enough to
have been placed on accounts with some great colleagues who help
me constantly͘ I like having the opportunity to gain so much experi-
ence straight out of educaton with no formal work experience, only
part tme jobs in cafes, bars etc͘ My managers are accommodatng and
understanding͘ Overall I really enjoy my job, the tasks I’m given and
the people I work with͘