School/College/Business: Douglas Bader Short Stay School for Norfolk (SSSfN)
Topic: Make your day count
Gatsby Benchmark(s): 3 and 5
The SSSfN provides education and support for young people who have been permanently excluded
or are without a permanent school place. Denise Anderson, Careers Lead for the SSSfN, recently
organised some mock interviews for year 11 students at Douglas Bader School. The event was
supported by twoSSSfN Enterprise Advisers; Stewart Damonsing, North Norfolk District Council, and
Andrew Shorthose, Kelling Heath.
During the day a one particular student was reluctant to engage in the process. After finally agreeing
to be interviewed, accompanied by his teacher Mr Payne, Stewart interviewed the student. Although
the student was unable to make eye contact because of his lack of confidence, through gentle
questioning Stewart managed to partially engage the student.
Stewarts feedback explained that even though he lacked confidence, it was apparent from the
interview that the student had good examples of transferable employment skills and with practice he
could progress with the interview process. This was endorsed when Stewart pointed out that he had
made significant progress, the student was in fact making eye contact and visibly listening. Stewart
told the student “I believed in you. Well done I’m proud of you”.
Mr Payne thanked Stewart and stated that “the engagement today was a massive step for this
student”. Stewart reflected “If I did one good thing today, it was to give this young person a massive
confidence boost in preparation for the transition from education to work!”
For further details, please contact Katherine Flint, [email protected]