ran Bird, viva, Corporate Responsibility Consultant
Where did you go to school? The Hewit cademy
What path did you take to get to your current positon? I joined
viva straight afer doing
-Level’s as a Summer temp. I enjoyed
working and earning money so much that I applied for a perma-
nent role rather than go to University and have been here ever since in a variety of roles.
What subjects did you study? Performing rts, Philosophy of Religion and Islamic Studies
and Psychology
How many jobs have you had, and can you name them? I had various weekend roles
when at school which included working in retail and then a pub when I got older. I have al-
ways worked at viva as a permanent job and have been here for 22 years.
What school subjects link to your career? I think Performing rts helped me with confi-
dence and speaking out publicly. Psychology also has given me a broader understanding of
people’s behaviours.
typical day in your current role looks like: I do a lot of work around data analysis and
looking at how our UK business is performing in respect of employee schemes such as vol-
unteering, Payroll Giving and our charitable donatons. I also work on our strategy and how
we can give more back to community organisatons by having a deeper impact than just
giving away money. My day usually includes a lot of Skype calls and emails!
What skills do you use daily, that you learnt at school? Building rapport and working
alongside a variety of people with different personalites. I also think having respect is a big
one, so appreciatng the roles people do and how they impact what I do.
What is the number #1 piece of advice you’ve been given that helped you with your
career choice? Do something you enjoy! Your career is a huge part of your life and it’s im-
portant you have lots more good days than bad.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I think I will stll be at viva, hopefully in a similar
role to the one I do now. Definitely something which I have a passion for, either people or
the planet (like I do now!)
What is the average salary for this role? £31-55k
ran Bird, viva, Corporate Responsibility Consultant
If you could have done anything differently on your career jour-
ney, what would it be? I wouldn’t have done anything differently.
viva has enabled me to have a reasonable amount of job security,
great holiday allowance and pension benefits. ll of this has given
me a good work/life balance and enabled me to travel a lot which I have always been grate-
ful for.
Why do you love your job?
I am fortunate that the role I do helps support community organisa-
tons and charites which I have an interest in͘ I feel like the role I do
makes a difference and that’s important to me͘ I also work with like-
minded people and this makes a good team environment͘