Appendix 2
Health and Social Care
Sector Skills Plan
A partnership plan to jointly address Norfolk & Suffolk’s Health and Social Care Skills
Appendix 2
Ownership and governance
Executive Board and governance framework
Appendix 2
Governance structure health and social care sector skills action plan
Executive Board
Role: Strategic oversight to ensure plan delivery
Small group with representatives from:
Norfolk County Council
Suffolk County Council
Skills for Care
dult Social Care Providers
Local Higher Education Institutes
Project Officer
Hosted by Adult Social Care PVI organisation
sponsor for
each priority
Priority working groups responsible for delivering detailed action plans
Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 1
Entry and retention to the health
Recruitment and retention of
Support retention and succession planning
registered nurses in nursing homes
for aspiring and registered managers and
and social care sector
Led by: Louise Whitey / Christine
Led by: Laura Mallett / Sarah Robertson
Led by:
HEE - Norfolk and Suffolk Workforce
Suffolk Brokerage / Norfolk and
Partnership Group / Barchester
All Steering group: No Leads, Project Officer
has details please contact for names.
Suffolk Care Support
Appendix 2
Executive Board
Norfolk Strategic Workforce Development Partnership Members
Lucy Hohnen - Lead HR & OD Adult Social Services, Norfolk County Council
Toni Jeary - Business Lead Market Development Adult Social Services, Norfolk County Council (Non-Executive Board member)
Suffolk Workforce HASCI Forum Members
Loretta Greenacre - Workforce Development, Suffolk County Council
Julie Bateman - Assistant Director ASC, Suffolk County Council
Skills for Care Member
Fran Woodall - Eastern Locality Manager
Norfolk and Suffolk Workforce Partnership Members
Ross Collett - Head of Norfolk & Suffolk Workforce Partnership, Health Education England
Pam Chappell -Director of Nursing, Suffolk Community Health Care (Priority 2 Sponsor)
Higher Education Members
Paul Driscoll Evans, Head of Department of Nursing Studies UCS
Professor Olga Tregaskis - International HR Management, Norwich Business School UEA
FE Members
Larraine Moody -Vice Principal Employer Engagement, West Suffolk College
Provider representation members
Michael Millage - Provider Norfolk (Priority 1 Sponsor)
Ruth French - Provider Suffolk