Phoebe Smith llen, Flagship Group, Housing Policy and
Practce pprentce
Where did you go to school? Thomas Mills High School
What subjects did you study? I studied Biology, Psychology, Geogra-
phy and Health and Social Care at S Level and then I dropped Ge-
ography at
2 Level
Why did you choose an pprentceship? I decided to choose an apprentceship as I have
always learnt beter by putng theory into practce and getng hands-on experience in a
real working environment. I also liked that there would be support from both the academic
side and from the employer. Having no tuiton loans to pay back at the end of the course is
also a huge bonus!
What path did you take to get to your current positon? I decided to apply to do a psychol-
ogy degree in my second year of sixth form, but I started to look into other optons as I
started to doubt if going away to university was the right opton for me. I knew I stll want-
ed to do a degree, so when I started researching, I found that there were numerous indus-
tries that offered these courses. I found the opportunity at Flagship through the Govern-
ment pprentceship website, did some research into the company and decided to apply!
What does a typical day in your role look like? Every day is different!
What do you think are the most valuable skills have you learnt on your apprentceship? I
have gained so many skills whilst being in a professional environment, the most important
one for me has been communicaton. I have learnt and picked up different communicaton
skills used between colleagues, third-party companies/organisatons and with customers. I
have also developed further IT skills by using different systems and programmes.
What is the job prospect/progression when you complete your apprentceship? The ap-
prentces at Flagship Group are guaranteed a job on successful completon of their course.
I’m not sure which area of the business I want to be in just yet, although I have found work-
ing with the nt-Social Behaviour Team very interestng.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully setled in a management positon within
Phoebe Smith llen, Flagship Group, Housing Policy and
Practce pprentce
What do you like best about being an apprentce? The balance be-
tween work and study͖ being able to do both has really helped me
progress professionally and academically. I always wanted to do a degree, so it’s a huge bo-
nus for me that I have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside it .
Why do you love your apprentceship?
The support from my employer and colleagues is amazing. They have
really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and push myself
to do the best that I can.