Morgan Lingley, Flagship Housing Group, Housing Policy and
PracƟce pprenƟce
Where did you go to school? Thorpe St ndrew School and Sixth Form
What subjects did you study? Level—History, Geography and Business
Why did you choose an pprenƟceship? I always wanted the experience of more practcal
work compared to study. I could not miss out on 3 years of work to contnue sitng in a
classroom. That is why the Degree pprentceship is the perfect balance of both.
What path did you take to get to your current posiƟon? During my final year of sixth form,
I started looking for apprentceships, the Bright Futures role clearly stood out. Ōer com-
pletng my first year at Flagship I am contnuously improving and developing whilst looking
forward to completng the next 3 years of my apprentceship and beyond.
What does a typical day in your role look like? On a Monday Morning we will have a team
catch up to discuss our week ahead and achievements from the week before. This allows us
to focus on areas which will benefit the team the most. I have been given projects to work
on and this is my focus most days. These range from creatng fraud preventon flows mak-
ing the housing team lives a lot easier to digitalising paper forms and carrying out staff
wide raffles. I will also travel from office to office to carry out Governance training which
helps all staff learn about dealing with suspected bribery and spotng fraudulent behav-
iour. lthough this is an ‘office-based job’ it is contnuously changing, and I am always
learning new skills.
What do you think are the most valuable skills have you learnt on your apprenƟceship?
Responsibility - I am much more aware of what I need to achieve and the tme scale some-
thing needs completng. I ensure all my work is to the highest standard.
Professionalism - Working in an office environment has completely changed the way I
act. I am always keen to learn and develop my skills.
Communicaton - The way I talk and interact with colleagues is much more efficient and
effectve allowing more work and progress to be completed.
Morgan Lingley, Flagship Housing Group, Housing Policy and
PracƟce pprenƟce
What is the job prospect/progression when you complete your
apprenƟceship? I am looking to work towards taking on a management positon at the end
of my apprentceship. I have a strong belief that my course, colleagues and training will
help me develop and achieve my goal.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Within a management positon at Flagship. I would
like to contnue working alongside my co-workers at Flagship whilst progressing within the
organisaton. This apprentceship allows me to develop in such a way I will be highly trained
within 5 years, both through internal and external training.
What do you like best about being an apprenƟce? Being able to develop myself as a per-
son as well as professionally. I have been given opportunites other people my age are not
exposed to at University. These experiences are always helping to increase my involvement
at Flagship Group and the responsibilites I am given.
Why do you love your apprenƟceship?
My pprenƟceship has opened so many doors for me͘ I am exposed to
many areas of business I never would have imagined at the age of 20;
working across mulƟple departments including: Housing, SB, HR and
Governance my business knowledge is always improving͘ I have been
able to meet and work alongside colleagues of all levels, allowing me
to learn many new skills and conƟnue to develop my portolio͘