Mathew Levesley, Flagship Group, Housing Policy and Practce
Where did you go to school? Sprowston Community High School
What subjects did you study? For Levels I studied History, Classic Civi-
lisaton and Media Studies
Why did you choose an pprentceship? When deciding on what to do, I liked the idea of
building my career and learning whilst gaining real-life experience rather than going to uni-
versity. I wanted to gain work place skills rather than contnuing in full-tme educaton and
having the worry of finding a job afer completng a degree.
What path did you take to get to your current positon? fer completng my levels I
searched the Government’s ‘Find an pprentceship’ webpage and applied for a number of
apprentceships͖ I found my current apprentceship and successfully went through the ap-
plicaton process.
I started my apprentceship journey with a week-long visit to my Level 4 provider in Man
chester to meet the tutors and since then, in the workplace, I have gone on to work in
numerous departments, including our call centre, Housing Management, the nt-Social
Behaviour Team, Legal and Governance (where I am currently based).
What does a typical day in your role look like? Currently in Governance I’m focused on risk
management - looking at some of the risks to the organisaton and how Flagship makes
sure the risks are managed. I also monitor the company’s policies, so the Governance Team
has an oversight of policies across the Group as well as making sure that colleagues across
the organisaton are aware of Group policies
What do you think are the most valuable skills have you learnt on your apprentceship?
The most valuable skills that I have picked up so far on my apprentceship includes public
speaking through presentng to a variety of audiences in the workplace, effectve communi-
caton, collaboratve working, responding to vulnerability and assertveness. Through my
ssertveness Training, I learnt how to not be aggressive or passive in my actons, finding
the perfect middle ground between the two in communicaton.
What is the job prospect/progression when you complete your apprentceship? Upon
completng the apprentceship, I will start working full-tme in a business area that I am
Mathew Levesley, Flagship Group, Housing Policy and Practce
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years I see myself at Flag-
ship in an established role, taking on a more senior positon in the or-
ganisaton, but also contnuing with my personal development.
What do you like best about being an apprentce? For me the best thing about being an
apprentce is the fact that it’s the best of both worlds with formal educaton stll being in-
volved and then working and constantly learning on the job as well. I really enjoy learning
and personal development, so an apprentceship suits my needs.
Why do you love your apprentceship?
I love the support from the company and the opportunites to grow
and develop. The fact that I can get a degree and get paid for it is
amazing, Flagship constantly offers additonal training opportunites to
help with my studies and my skills in the workplace - such as the as-
sertveness training, understanding finance training and conflict man-
agement training for example.