Jasmine King, Flagship Group, Housing Policy and Practce
Degree pprentce
Where did you go to school? Notre Dame Sixth Form
What subjects did you study?
-level Biology, Psychology and
Why did you choose an pprentceship? I chose an apprentceship as I was ready to start
my career and get into the workplace but I also wanted to develop my knowledge further.
The thought of university did not interest me, and I struggled to find a course that I was
definite about studying.
What path did you take to get to your current positon? fer completng my levels in
2019, I saw this degree apprentceship advertsed and decided to apply. It really interested
me contnuing my studying to a degree level without the debt and fees of going to universi-
ty͖ and the workplace aspect really appealed to me. I applied in March 2019 with my CV,
covering leter, and a video presentaton. I then atended a group interview, before being
called for a panel interview, which I had to prepare a presentaton for. I atended a week
long inducton before joining my first department - the Tenancy Management Team.
What does a typical day in your role look like? t the tme, I am currently working with the
Community Management Team, this covers SB and Estates issues. s an apprentce I deal
with my own cases and take the lead with many situatons. Each day varies depending on
cases as this role includes making home visits to tenants to take statements, reviewing
propertes and assessing communal areas, dealing with hoarded propertes, and atending
mult-agency meetngs. I have previously spent tme with the Tenancy Management Team,
Tenancy Support Team and Income Management Team.
What do you think are the most valuable skills have you learnt on your apprentceship? I
think the most valuable skill I have learnt is trust and responsibility, I worry that I lack the
skills for certain tasks, but I have learnt to trust my colleagues and their judgement of my
abilites as they are confident that I can. dditonally, my communicaton skills have devel-
oped significantly, as I now leave voicemails, call tenants with both positve and negatve
news, send emails and atend networking events!
Jasmine King, Flagship Group, Housing Policy and Practce
Degree pprentce
What is the job prospect/progression when you complete
your apprentceship? My apprentceship duraton is 4 years, I
work with all housing related service areas of Flagship Group,
and am offered a permanent positon upon completon, whilst
achieving a full accredited degree. From there, I can re-evaluate my role and where I would
like to progress to further.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I would like to see myself working in the develop-
ment team in a full tme positon, with aims to progress further and work on various pro-
jects. I will have completed my apprentceship and be considering how I can further my
skills and knowledge within the company.
What do you like best about being an apprentce? I like being able to earn a full salary
whilst studying a full degree at the same tme, it is a great way to save money for the future
and stll start your career. You are able to enjoy the weekends as all university work is com-
pleted in a paid study day during the week. It definitely has put me further up the career
ladder than I would have predicted!
Why do you love your apprentceship?
I love the variety in my role, it allows me to see and understand how
the whole company works whilst gaining valuable hands on experi-
ence and dealing with my own cases. I also appreciate the flexibility of
my role and how each day is different, the variaton is intriguing and it
is nice to not spend every day in the office at a desk! dditonally, the
salary increases as I complete more and more of the apprentceship
and so do my responsibilites!