School/College/Business: Sybil Andrews Academy and Treatt
Topic: Initial Introductory meeting
Gatsby Benchmark(s): 1
Standard procedure when schools are matched with new Enterprise
Advisers (EAs) is to have an initial introductory meeting, these typically last
around an hour and consist of an informal getting to know each other.
In late February Karen Cannard, Careers Lead at Sybil Andrews, and the schools two new EAs; Chloe Ludkin and Lisa
Bartrum, both from Treatt in Bury St Edmunds, met for their initial introduction along with their designated
Enterprise Coordinator, Darian. Karen is relatively new to the role and has already made an impressive headway in
building the schools careers programme.
The meeting lasted for a full two and half hours. Darian thrilled with the meeting͖ “I was blown away at how all
four of us got ‘stuck in’ and started throwing ideas around what we could do for Sybil ndrews. Karen was outlining
to us her thoughts on where she wanted to go with the program. By the end of the session we had the school’s key
points for their strategic plan outlined. I’d say that is a pretty incredible feat from a first meeting! Looking forward
to what we can accomplish together.”
Chloe stated, “We are proud to be partnering with Sybil ndrews as their Enterprise dvisors, bridging the gap
between education and the workplace, whilst providing insight into the diverse range of career opportunities
available to students.”
For further details, please contact Darian Vomund, [email protected]