My Journey
Student to Apprentice
This is Kealan, who was recently a college student, just like you.
In September 2019, Kealan joined Morgan Sindall as an Apprentice
Quantity Surveyor and is now part-time studying the profession at
degree level with the Anglia Ruskin University.
Kealan, commenting on his journey with Morgan Sindall:
“I became interested in gaining some experience in a Construction
Management/Quantity Surveying role whilst studying at college; I
felt this was needed for me to find the incentive to do well.
A family friend who works for a subcontractor of Morgan Sindall’s
recommended the company, and so I was able to contact a member
of the team via email to explain how grateful I’d be to gain some
experience in the industry. This was forwarded to Helen Clements
(Community Investment Advisor at Morgan Sindall) who agreed to
arrange work experience. I really enjoyed visiting the sites and
continued to stay in contact with the team. Once I had finished
college, I was o ered an interview and the chance to become part
of the Morgan Sindall
commercial team.”
Alan Rutterford, Managing Surveyor
for Construction East at Morgan Sindall:
“Following Kealan’s initial contact we arranged for him to have a
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few days work experience with us as his introduction to Morgan
Quantity Surveyor (QS)?
Sindall and the construction industry, a er which we were happy
A QS is a construction industry
for him to return for some more work experience days visiting a
professional that calculates the
number of sites - shadowing the commercial teams. I was very
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impressed with Kealan’s attitude and ability from the beginning
building work, and how much
and we were therefore more than pleased to be able to o er him
they will cost.
a position as an apprentice QS with us at the Cambridge o ce.”
Employer comment:
A final word from Kealan...
“Kealan is currently site based on our Trinity
“Morgan Sindall hasn’t just developed my
College student accommodation project,
construction knowledge, its improved my confidence
working alongside a senior Quantity Surveyor
and communication significantly. Being able to
and Alan Rutterford (Managing Surveyor),
develop a relationship with my site team and the
and has established himself as a valuable
supply chain has lead me to ask questions and learn
member of both the site and commercial
things beyond my depth to help boost my studies.”
Talented people are key to our success
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