My Journey
Student to Apprentice
This is Josh, who was recently a College student, just like you.
In September 2020, Josh joined Morgan Sindall as an Apprentice Site
Manager and is currently doing his Site Management rotation at the
Norwich Castle Museum project under the Senior Project Manager.
Josh, commenting on his journey with Morgan Sindall:
“I heard of Morgan Sindall whilst studying for my BTEC in
Construction at the College of West Anglia as they had projects in
the West Norfolk region. I had work experience with Lovell, which is
part of the Morgan Sindall Group, so I was aware of Morgan Sindall,
but was not fully introduced to the company until I applied for the
graduate program and was o ered a place as an apprentice.
I had wanted to join the industry since the age of about 14. I have
always been interested in the industry as I have many family
members who are involved in construction and STEM roles. I went
into college knowing I wanted to do construction, but didn’t know
exactly what I wanted to apply for. I always enjoyed being on site
and wanted to challenge myself.
An apprenticeship in management
Tony Lo us,
suited me perfectly, as I could gain
Managing Quantity Surveyor at Morgan Sindall:
the experience I need to succeed.”
“Josh was one of over 130 candidates that applied for the
Apprentice Site Manager role this year. Following a review of the
What is a Site Manager?
CVs received, the strongest 5 candidates were identified and
invited to interview with the Senior Project Manager and myself.
A Site Manager is required to
supervise and direct operations
Josh’s enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the industry and the role
within a building project. They
of Site Manager was immediately apparent. His responses to
ensure work is completed safely,
questions on safety and planning were particularly impressive,
on time, and within the allocated
leaving us in no doubt that Josh was the ‘stand out’ candidate and
budget allowance.
should be o ered the position of Apprentice Site Manager.”
Employer comment:
A final word from Josh...
“Josh has settled-in well at Morgan Sindall
“My time so far at Morgan Sindall has been really
and has already become a valued member of
good. I have been welcomed into the company and
the Norwich Castle Museum project team.
enjoyed meeting the team whilst working on such an
interesting project, and overcoming challenges on
I am sure Josh will progress well and realise his
site. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship
aspiration to become a Site Manager.”
to others. It’s the perfect way to get into the
industry and gain the necessary skills whilst studying
one day a week for my qualification.”
Talented people are key to our success
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