My Journey
Operative to Apprentice
This is Hollie, who had previously been working as a site operative.
In September 2019, Hollie joined Morgan Sindall as an Apprentice Site
Manager and is now studying Level 4 Construction Management.
Hollie, commenting on her journey with Morgan Sindall:
“My first introduction to Morgan Sindall Construction was in
November 2018 when I was looking for a site management
apprenticeship to start in September. I had been working for a
di erent construction company in site management and document
control for 12 months before this, where I’d realised that being out
on site was what suited me best. I had spoken to people about
di erent construction companies on who to apply with and many
brought up Morgan Sindall with a positive and welcoming attitude.
When I decided to apply with Morgan Sindall through the early
careers team, I received guidance from Helen Clements (Community
Investment Advisor at Morgan Sindall) on how long the process
would take and the next steps. A er my interview with Morgan
Sindall, I was told that it would take a week for them to get back to
me with their decision, in which I was successful! The application
process was so quick and easy with so much positive feedback
along the way.”
Darren Gristey, Operations Director at Morgan Sindall
What is a Site Manager?
Construction East:
A Site Manager is required to
“I interviewed Hollie last year and o ered her the position a er
supervise and direct operations
reviewing all of the CV’s, since hers stood out from the rest. Now
within a building project. They
that she has been with us for several months, we are setting out
ensure work is completed safely,
the pathway to help her realise her potential. She is already
on time, and within the allocated
proving to be a great addition to our team for the Cambridge
budget allowance.
business unit and Cromwell School project where she is based.”
Employer comment:
A final word from Hollie...
“Hollie was one of over 100 candidates that
“My experience with Morgan Sindall has been
applied for the Site Manager apprenticeship
welcoming. I have enjoyed being given
role. Following intensive reviews of the CV’s
responsibilities that will help achieve the result that
we whittled them down to just 5 strong
the client wants. Also, I enjoy going in with an open
candidates for interview. Hollie was the best
mind and learning as much as I can from my
candidate by far and came across really
colleagues around me, to gain experience on every
positive and enthusiastic for the role, along
aspect of the job. Everyday is di erent with always
with some previous construction experience.”
something new to learn about. ”
Talented people are key to our success
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