My Journey
Student to Apprentice
This is Brad, who was recently a High School student, just like you.
In September 2019, Brad joined Morgan Sindall as an Apprentice
Quantity Surveyor and is now studying a Quantity Surveying BSc
(Hons) 4 Year Degree at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford.
Brad, commenting on his journey with Morgan Sindall:
“I was first introduced to Morgan Sindall in 2018 when a
representative from the company gave a talk about di erent routes
into construction at my school. Our class was given a site tour of Red
Lodge Primary School which gave me an insight into how a project is
run. This allowed me to get some contacts and arrange some work
experience on a site in Colchester where I gained some valuable tips
shadowing a Site Manager. I completed a few more days in the
Ipswich O ce shadowing a Quantity Surveyor, which opened-up my
eyes to both the operational and commercial sides of construction.
Since Year 10 I had aspired to gain a career in Construction, but I
wasn’t sure what job I would like to do. However, a er gaining work
experience at Morgan Sindall, this
confirmed my interest in Quantity
Ben Coleman, Trainee Site Manager at Morgan Sindall
Construction East:
“Since the first time I met Brad, his interest and enthusiasm for
What is a
construction shone through. Brad was one of the students that
Quantity Surveyor (QS)?
always seemed to be absorbing information and engaging with
A QS is a construction industry
questions and discussions. I o ered Brad a chance to gain further
professional with expert
experience at St Michaels School, giving him more of an insight to
knowledge. They are responsible
help him in his studies. During this placement I made him aware
for managing the costs and all
of the career opportunities at Morgan Sindall. By his own
contractual and financial aspects
willingness and eagerness to learn, Brad sailed through the
of construction projects.
interview process and I’m happy he’s now part of our team!”
Employer comment:
A final word from Brad...
“Having inspired Brad to pursue a career in
“My experience so far at Morgan Sindall has been
construction with Morgan Sindall following a
enjoyable. I am currently working three days a week
school presentation, we look forward to
on site in Ipswich under a Senior Quantity Surveyor,
watching his development. The mix of further
while the other two days I am at University studying
education at university and on-site project
my degree. I would highly recommend the
experience will maximise his learning and
apprenticeship scheme to anyone who is interested
enable him to fulfil his potential to reach his
in a career in construction because the experience I
career aspirations.”
have gained has been invaluable.”
Talented people are key to our success
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