Growing Business Fund Grant Panel Meeting Minutes (Unconfirmed)
Wednesday, 06 November 2019 | 10.00am - 12.30pm
Centrum (Meeting Rooms G01 & G02), Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7UG
Present - Panel:
Mike Burrows (MB)
Jeanette Wheeler (JWh)
Dr Sumathi Sundram (SS)
S&V Consultants Ltd
Martin Ince (MI)
Martin Ince Communications
Dominic Keen (DK)
Daryl Griffiths (DG)
Burnett Barker Solicitors
In Attendance:
Julie West (JW)
New Anglia LEP
Rose Joy (RJ)
New Anglia LEP
Nataliya Klymko (NK)
New Anglia LEP
Stuart Ager (SA)
Finance East
Amanda Castell (AC)
Finance East
Dean Pierpoint (DP)
New Anglia Growth Hub
Actions outstanding | Updates from the meeting: Wednesday, 02 October 2019
Pipeshield International - SA reported that Pipeshield International had been sold and BH aware of the
Welcome and Introductions
MB welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Apologies received
Jackie Potter, Micropress; Paul Stewart, Center Parcs; Max Applin, Max Applin Consulting;
Barry Henson, Suffolk County Council; Vimmi Hayes, Suffolk County Council; David Dukes, Norfolk
County Council; Neil Sargent, Finance East; Chris Dashper, New Anglia LEP and Jason Middleton, New
Anglia LEP.
Declarations of Interest and GDPR
Declarations of Interest - No Declarations of Interest declared.
Register of Interest
Going forward NK will be monitoring the Register of Interest of the Growing Business Fund Panel
members (excluding LEP Board members) to ensure the LEP is fully compliant in accordance with New
Anglia LEP policies and National Assurance Framework requirements. NK will email panel members,
prior to the expiry of their Register of Interest declaration, to ensure the paperwork is in order.
Please note reminders will also be given at upcoming Panel meetings.
Register of Interest renewals due: SS and JP declarations are due for renewal this month.
Meeting Minutes: Panel Meeting held on Wednesday, 02 October 2019
Minutes confirmed with no amendment.
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Terms of Reference (ToR)
The latest version of the Terms of Reference has been emailed to Panel members. Going forward it was
noted that Terms of Reference will be a standing agenda item for compliance.
New Applications for Approval (2)
LiMAR Oil Tools (UK) Limited - Agreed to support
Approved Grant: £70,690
Five full-time positions to be created.
Note: This is an assisted area award (Article 14)
Condition of Offer applied: Will need to see evidence of confirmed match funding.
Recommendation: The Panel recommended that the Growth Hub contact the business to offer
skills advice support.
DP reported that a Business Skills Advisor will contact the business following a successful
Growing Business Fund grant application as a matter of course to offer skills support advice.
Plastech Industries Limited t/a Plastech Additive Manufacturing - Agreed to support
Approved Grant - £56,500
Three full-time positions to be created.
Note: Offer Letter to be addressed to Plastech Industries Limited.
Small Grant Scheme Update
JW provided update. The Panel noted the award of five Small Grant Scheme (SGS) grants in the month
of September 2019, totalling £56,100 (Grants Awarded) and £243,000 (Total Project Cost) - see
Appendix 1. It was noted that Display Products Limited was an assisted area award (Article 14).
For the month of October, seven grants have been approved and one grant has already been approved
for November.
The Small Grant Scheme is still buoyant and remains ahead of profile.
Funding, Updates and Jobs Creation
JW updated the Panel on the overall funding position and job creation.
Growing Business Fund - actual spend this financial year now stands at £1,643, out of the initial
allocation of £2.79m - or 59%. There are 13 grants committed, but not yet claimed, totalling £871,964, or
a further 31% with the expectation that all grants will be claimed before the end of March 2020. Currently
there is £1.3m left less todays spend of £127, 190.
It was noted the recent slow-down in applications continues and the average grant remains at a lower
A further 25 jobs have been evidenced since the last Panel meeting, making the overall total now 2,247.
GBF Applications ‘Pipeline’
JW reported that there is a healthy pipeline of applications coming through (totalling approx. £2.3m), at
various stages, but six remain waiting for planning permission and one or two are held up with
negotiations to move into an Enterprise Zone.
Hopeful of 2-3 applications being presented to the December Growing Business Fund Panel Meeting.
PR and Marketing
JW provided update.
Case studies - Emma Finn has a short-term contract to the end of March 2020 to produce nine case
studies (not all grant related) covering the whole of the Business Growth Programme. It was noted that
case studies are proving difficult to source. Emma is currently working on case studies for Musks
Sausages and Pecksniffs Bespoke Fragrances & Cosmetics Limited and has re-written and tidied up the
existing case studies on the Growth Hub website. As well as being on the website, case studies are
being disseminated via newsletters, social media (Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn, etc.) and articles placed
in the local press.
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It was agreed that the Comms and Marketing team need to keep the ‘pressure up’ on getting the
message out.
JWh to attend a Women’s Leaders Dinner and would welcome a suitable case study topic.
JW to send details of suitable case study to JWh.
Any Other Business
Condimentum Limited - AC provided update on Condimentum Limited. The Panel noted that the TUPE
issue is still ongoing.
Forthcoming meeting -The meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 08 January 2020 at Park Farm Hotel
(The Ellingham Suite) is to be moved to Wednesday, 15 January 2020 - same venue/time.
The meeting closed at 11.15am
Next Meeting:
Wednesday, 04 December 2019 |10.00am - 12.30pm
Concertus Design and Property Consultants (Boardroom), 2 Friars Bridge Road, Ipswich,
Suffolk, IP1 1RR
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Annexe 1
New Anglia Small Grant Scheme projects approved in September 2019
Total Project
No. Approved
Awarded (£)
Cost (£)
1 Finn Geotherm UK Ltd
2 Lexhag Ltd.
3 Stephen Green & Associates Limited (2)
4 Display Products Ltd
5 Mio Conferencing Solutions Ltd
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