New Anglia Transport Board
Rural and Coastal
Meeting Note
9.30am, Thursday 18th March - Teams
In attendance:
Paul Ager
Associated British Ports
Kay Bonning Schmitt
Suffolk Growth
Suzanne Buck
Suffolk County Council
Andrew Chillingsworth
GT Railway
David Cumming
Norfolk County Council
Paul Davey
Hutchison Ports
Jonathan Denby
Greater Anglia
Charlotte Farmer
Hydrogen East
Ellen Goodwin
New Anglia LEP
Andrew Harston
Associated British Ports
Alan Kirkdale
Highways England
Hayley Mace
New Anglia LEP
Paul Martin
First Buses
Graeme Mateer
Suffolk County Council
Andrew Mower
Federation of Small Businesses
Steve Oliver (Chair)
New Anglia LEP
Richard Pace
Norwich Airport
Richard Perkins
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Cllr Graham Plant
Norfolk District’s rep
Jonathan Rudd
New Anglia LEP
Cllr Phil Smart
Suffolk District’s rep
Chris Soule
Andrew Summers
Transport East
Andy Walker
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Laura Waters
Transport East
Cllr Martin Wilby
Norfolk County Council
Lewis Boudville
East Suffolk Council
Andrew Urquhart
Suffolk NHS
Mark Ash
Suffolk County Council
James Bradley
Network Rail
Ali Clabburn
Richard Goffin
Peel Ports
Cllr Andrew Reid
Suffolk County Council
Steve Turner
Connected Places Catapult
David Cumming to update on work with the Connected Places Catapult next time
Nominations for the Clean Growth Taskforce sought
Hutchison and the Suffolk CoC to work together as Freeport East develops
Paul Davey, Steve Oliver and Andrew Summers to work together to develop a
common transport narrative around Freeport East
Previous sub-group plus others to develop a ‘call to action’ around increasing
confidence in public and shared transport
All to respond to Laura Waters and Andrew Summers on questions posed and
thoughts on priorities and case studies
Freeport East to be a standing item on the agenda moving forward
Ellen to draft response on East-West Rail letter working with Transport East and
2. Minutes and matter arising
The previous meeting note was agreed by the Board.
Richard Pace updated the Board on Norwich Airport’s position with respect to covid-19
restrictions and their potential timetable for easing. He stated the roadmap and supporting
budget announcements were welcome but some detail was still needed with respect to
airport passenger duty and support for pent up demand. A devolved administration view
was still needed too. He noted how the Airport had provided critical support for the offshore
energy industry during the pandemic.
David Cumming suggested the Connected Places Catapult action remained but updated the
ongoing work of LAs in delivering the current programme across the area. He also noted a
current Government survey to be responded to
ACTION - update next time
3. Terms of reference review
The Board agreed the terms of reference but did not have a specific view on how it might like
to connect with other parts of the LEP governance. The Board did not nominate a member
of the Transport Board to join the Norfolk and Suffolk Clean Taskforce.
ACTION - contact Ellen if anyone is interested in putting themselves forward
4. Freeport East
Paul Davey gave a presentation on Freeport East outlining the three secure tax zones and
seven customs sites. He gave an update in terms of where each zone was in the planning
process as well as the benefits of the two designations. In summary Freeport East includes
the following:
Springboard into Europe for UK businesses and inward investors
275 hectares tax and customs sites
A green hydrogen hub - supported by Ryse and EDF
A green energy hub - offshore wind and nuclear power
Decarbonisation of transport
Contribution to the PM’s 10 point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution
Creation of 13,500 jobs plus an investment of over £500m
The governance is yet to be agreed with Government. Once established funding will be
released for set up and business case development. MHCLG and HMT to agree around the
turn of the year when additional funding may be released to drive the Freeport forward.
Legislative changes will be needed for tax benefits. Hutchison will use consents they
already have to advance what they can in the meantime but commercial agreements will
need to be agreed with the relevant landowners.
ACTION - SCoC to work with Hutchison as the Freeport develops
Comments included:
How does Freeport East strengthen the case for F2N/A14 etc.? Links not yet been fully
established but likely to be a useful designation.
Highways England - Route Strategies will take into account Freeport status - RIS3
implications (2025-2030)
Collaborative nature has been key to the bid’s success!
ACTION - develop a common transport narrative between Freeport East, Transport East
and this Board - PD/AS/SO to move forward
5. The opportunity for hydrogen
Charlotte Farmer from Hydrogen East was a guest speaker at the Board. She outlined how
hydrogen compliments other net zero ambitions and a blended transport approach will likely
be needed looking at electrification as well as hydrogen in order to achieve these.
In summary:
Importance of place-based approach - rural/urban and modal opportunities by place
Importance of whole system approach - engagement with other energy infrastructure
Bottom-up analysis - granular data on behaviours and journeys needed
Opportunities around Bacton, Sizewell and now Freeport East
Transport applications:
o Cars/vans - electric most likely in the short term
o HGV - biggest opportunity for hydrogen growth
o Buses - most mature development
o Municipal fleet opportunity
o Agriculture opportunity
o Rail - interim decarbonisation strategy from NR - East Coast opportunity
where electrification not viable
o Shipping - huge opportunity - pleased to see Freeport East
Complexity of refuelling - safety and viability critical - initial network proposed
Comments included:
Need to link to bus and maritime sector opportunities (including Clean Maritime
Demonstration Competition) as well Hethel Innovation
6. Influencing and Enabling
A47David Cumming outlined the coastal and rural link to the A47 and the latest investment
brochure. He also outlined the importance of collaboration and consistent messaging in
securing funding previously. He stated that there are opportunities for infrastructure funding
in the budget and more likely again in the Comprehensive Spending Review but
announcements on the Roads Investment Strategy have already been made.
Public confidence in public and shared transport
Jonathan Denby outlined the following in terms of potential key messages in this space:
1. Overarching green recovery strand - opportunities for businesses to cut their
commuting emissions through public and shared transport.
2. Good performance and new trains offer commuters reliable and comfortable travel.
3. Visitor economy - opportunities for greener travel as people access
leisure/staycations/events in the short-medium term.
4. Pent up retail demand - opportunity to encourage greener travel choices.
5. Flexible working and changing commuter patterns likely post summer - how do we
plan for that given we don’t know what this looks like yet?
6. Significant opportunities for car sharing moving forward.
7. Active travel can continue to be a bigger part of the mix moving forward.
8. Norfolk and Suffolk Unlimited opportunities for promotion - green travel choices and
travel perceptions etc.
9. Integration critical e.g. park and cycle and other full customer journey experiences -
need to think about personal travel planning.
10. Need to understand national communications to ensure consistency.
ACTION - need to develop a ‘call to action’ and consider who else needs to be involved.
Hayley Mace to take this forward - another meeting to be scheduled.
Greater Anglia is also working with New Anglia LEP to develop a new trains case study.
7. Transport East
Transport Strategy
Andrew Summers updated the Board on the ongoing Transport Strategy development work.
The evidence base is now largely complete and a public consultation is expected in the
summer. The Strategy is due to be endorsed by Government by the end of the year.
Laura Waters has developed the rural workstrand for Transport East. Transport East is
providing the overarching STB role in this regard. Laura outlined the paper provided and
highlighted the importance of the following:
Place based approach - all rural areas are different
User centric approach - different demographics
Access to services, employment and training
ACTION - all to respond to Laura and Andrew on questions posed and any thoughts on
priorities and case studies:
What activities are organisations already undertaking to support rural mobility? This
could include strategies, plans, and shared learning.
Do we have examples of successful projects targeted at improving rural mobility in
the region?
What are the opportunities to most effectively work collectively on rural mobility?
8. AOB
ACTION - Freeport East to be a standing item on the agenda moving forward
MPs - Ipswich/Cambridge and Norwich/Cambridge letter
ACTION - Ellen to progress working with Transport East and others