New Anglia Transport Board - Terms of Reference
New Anglia LEP is the Local Enterprise Partnership covering the geographical area of
Norfolk and Suffolk.
Norfolk and Suffolk are positioned as the UK’s clean growth region, the golden thread of our
Local Industrial Strategy. Collectively, New Anglia LEP has ambitious plans for driving
business growth and productivity in our diverse economy, for communicating our offer to the
world and for driving inclusion and skills. Norfolk and Suffolk are leading places in the
competitive global economy, with a large number of world leading competitive clusters
already based here.
A modern, efficient and clean transport system is key to our future success. A mobile,
accessible and increasingly virtual world-class economy will ensure that Norfolk and Suffolk
retains this enviable position and will benefit thousands of businesses of all sizes and open
significant opportunities in our extensive supply chain network.
The New Anglia Transport Board will provide a strong voice to ensure that we can secure
the best for the area and deliver the ambitious objectives set out in the Norfolk and Suffolk
Economic Strategy, the Local Industrial Strategy, the Economic Recovery Restart/Renewal
Plans and the Integrated Transport Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk.
The New Anglia Transport Board will ensure current and future transport networks meet the
needs of both businesses and residents in order to support clean and inclusive growth.
The New Anglia Transport Board brings together key transport specialists, pooling transport
expertise across the region to help shape the future transport system. It will:
Understand partners’ transport ambitions
Encourage a cleaner transport network that satisfies the needs of business and
residents both now and in the future
Assess how New Anglia LEP and partners can best deliver the Integrated Transport
Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk
Specific Activities/Objectives
The New Anglia Transport Board will provide strategic direction on transport issues by:
Acting as a forum for information and expertise sharing, discussion and debate
Acting as a powerful advocate for Norfolk and Suffolk
Maintaining, executing and monitoring the Integrated Transport Strategy Delivery
Plan, reporting to the New Anglia LEP Board
Directing the formation and work programmes of Task and Finish Groups to tackle
specific topics as necessary
Offering recommendations for prioritisation of projects for delivery and subsequent
monitoring of outcomes
Expected outcomes
A reliable, resilient, integrated and clean transport network with improved capacity
and journey times, providing good connectivity both within and around Norfolk and
Suffolk, and to other UK, European and worldwide destinations
A Delivery Plan for the Integrated Transport Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk, with a
clean growth focus that is current and valued by transport bodies
Central government understanding of the transport infrastructure needs and priorities
of Norfolk and Suffolk businesses and residents to support inward investment and
clean growth
The role of the Board is an advisory one, bringing expertise and transport knowledge. It will
feed into the Investment and Appraisal Committee to enable them to devise, deliver and
manage the relevant programmes.
Composition of the Transport Board (Membership)
CBI, East of England
Connected Places Catapult
Country Land Owners and Business Association
Department for Transport
East Midlands Trains
Federation of Small Businesses
First Group
Govia Thameslink Railway
Greater Anglia
Highways England
Hutchison Ports
Ipswich Buses
Network Rail
New Anglia LEP
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Norfolk County Council
Norfolk district representative
Norwich Airport
Peel Ports
Stansted Airport
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Suffolk County Council
Suffolk district representative
Transport East
Format and Frequency of Meetings
Meetings will be generally be open to the public
Meetings will take place quarterly and will take place ahead of Transport East
Format of meetings - Chaired by New Anglia LEP
Meetings are formally minuted, with agenda, papers and minutes to be published via
the New Anglia LEP website
Secretariat - New Anglia LEP will supply secretarial services, and meeting support in
terms of accommodation will be hosted/facilitated by Norfolk and Suffolk County
Papers to be circulated one week prior to Board meetings
The Board will work together by consensus