New Anglia Board Meeting Minutes (Unconfirmed)
25th June 2019
Claire Cullens (CC)
Norfolk Community Foundation
David Ellesmere (DE)
Ipswich Borough Council
Doug Field (DF)
East of England Coop
John Griffiths (JG)
West Suffolk Borough Council
Matthew Hicks (MH)
Suffolk County Council
Pete Joyner (PJ)
Shorthose Russell
Dominic Keen (DK)
High Growth Robotics
Steve Oliver (SO)
Andrew Proctor (AP)
Norfolk County Council
David Richardson (DR)
Nikos Savvas (NS)
West Suffolk College
Lindsey Rix (LR)
Alan Waters (AW)
Norwich City Council
Jeanette Wheeler (JW)
Shan Lloyd (SL)
Sue Roper (SuR)
Suffolk County Council
Vince Muspratt (VM)
Norfolk County Council
Gordon Chetwood (GC)
Pasta Foods - For Item 5
Jonny Newton (JN)
Newton Commercial - For Item 5
Steve Earl (SE)
Panel Graphics - For Item 5
Carly Earl (SE)
Panel Graphics - For Item 5
Chris Dashper (CD)
New Anglia LEP
Julian Munson (JM)
New Anglia LEP - For Items 8, 10 and 12
Chris Starkie (CS)
New Anglia LEP
Glen Todd (GT)
New Anglia LEP - for Item 6
Rosanne Wijnberg (RW)
New Anglia LEP
Helen Wilton (HW)
New Anglia LEP
Actions from the meeting: (25.6.19)
GE Update Report - Confidential
To provide the Board with regular reporting of the pipeline of visits relating to inward
investment and subsequent outcomes
MIPIM 2019
To provide the Board with an update on the brand strategy
LEP Operating and HR Policy Updates
An annual update on the progress of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy to be
added to the Forward Plan
Any other Business
UEA Enterprise Fund - Any board member wishing to sit on the board should contact Chris
LEP Beneficiaries: Circulate those presentations made to the Board and add the item to the
Forward Plan
Welcome from the Chair
Doug Field (DF) welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Apologies were received from Sandy Ruddock, Tim Whitley and Johnathan Reynolds.
Declarations of Interest
Full declarations of interest can be found at
David Richardson (DR) and Jeanette Wheeler (JW) declared an interest in item 7.
Minutes of the last meeting 23rd May
The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting held on 23rd May 2019.
LEP Programme Beneficiaries
Chris Dashper (CD) presented that item noting that New Anglia LEP has recently reached
the milestone of awarding the 700th grant to local businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk through
its growth grants programmes Growing Business Fund (GBF) and Small Grants Scheme
(SGS). He confirmed that the board would be receiving individual presentations from 3
companies which had benefited from LEP funding to demonstrate the impact on their
Pasta Foods
Gordon Chetwood (CG) addressed the Board and provided an overview of the history of the
company advising that they had received £500k from the GBF as well as a bridging loan to
allow the installation of a new production line at a time when the bank would not support
their investment plans. The installation of production line capital which was a major factor
in supporting the business recovery at a challenging time.
GC advised that the uncertainty over Brexit has resulted in customers using Pasta Foods
rather than suppliers in Europe and capacity has now been increased significantly.
GC explained that Pasta Foods is the only company in the world producing pasta and snack
pellets in the way it does and this unique approach has enabled the company to grow and
benefit from the current market conditions.
GC thanked the Board for the support provided by the LEP both in the funding and the
flexibility in its approach.
The Board and CG discussed the staffing, skills and salary levels at Pasta Foods. CG
stressed the importance of supporting staff and advised that training is provided for all
employees including for middle management to assist in career progression.
Newton Commercial
Jonny Newton (JN), MD of Newton Commercial, addressed the Board and provided an
overview of the company which makes interior and trim for British Classic cars.
The skills and techniques are traditional and carried out by hand but in 2017 LEP funding
was used to purchase a CAD/CAM cutter allowing patterns to be digitalised. This makes
cutting is more efficient with less waste allowing reskilling of staff to work in other areas of
the business.
Further funding with the LEP has been secured and be used for additional investment.
JN reiterated the importance of the funding the LEP provides and the difference it makes to
small businesses.
Alan Waters (AW) asked about the various skill levels within the businesses. JN advised
that apprentices were taken on who were them moved onto the minimum wage and then
progressed through the factory. Flexitime, bonuses and other staff benefits are important
and this culture is a key factor in their high level of staff retention.
JG asked for details of the main competitors and JN confirmed that there were other
companies who worked on a smaller scale whereas Newton Commercial specialised in key
areas and was looking to expanding into other markets such as hot hatch cars.
JN advised that any future legislation banning older cars would have significant impact on
the business.
Panel Graphics
Steve Earl (SE) briefed the meeting on the successful history of the company including
winning a Queens Award for International Trade. This achievement was applauded by the
SE explained that the company produces non-reflective coatings for plastic which are used
in cars and planes and in the medical and maritime industries among others.
Carly Earl (CE) confirmed that Panel Graphics have received 3 GBF grants since 2014
which have been used for industrial units, and state of the art milling machines and office
Turnover has grown from 200k in 1998 to £6m in 2019 and net profit has tripled in the past
2 years.
SE stressed the impact the LEP’s funding had made on the business in providing
investment when there were no other sources available and the positive effect this has had
on staff recruitment.
AW enquired about the range of pay rates within the company. SE advised that the starting
rates was around £9 per hour but there were escalation processes in place allowing staff to
progress more through pay grades. Staff retention rates are excellent and a package of
staff benefits is in place with regular and social events held.
SE advised that the next possible investment was a glass cutting machine as there was
potential in this market. There is scope for company expansion but this requires purchase
of land which is currently prohibitively expensive therefore the solution could be a joint
investment with other companies.
JW asked if the company was involved in R&D. SE advised that they applied for R&D
grants each year and carry out R&D to come up with solutions to customer issues.
JW noted that those companies which had presented had been through the funding
application process multiple times which meant that there was a real business case for
allowing multiple investment requests.
DE noted it was important for the LEP to maintain support for some companies faced
challenges in repaying loans.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report and presentations
Enterprise Adviser Network
Glen Todd (GT) provided an overview of the EAN which is made up of 8 Enterprise
Coordinators some of whom where TUPE’d over from Norfolk & Suffolk County Councils
and are managed by the EAN and Careers Hub manager.
GT confirmed that the Network is engaging with 83 mainstream and FE schools giving a
76% coverage of the 144 schools across the region. He stated that, given that there will
always be some schools who do not engage, he felt that a rate of 90-95% would be viewed
as successful. GT noted that the team was on target to meet or surpass their target of
engaging with 85 schools.
GT asked the Board to be ambassadors for the network and support in the recruitment of
Enterprise Advisors as the team worked to allocate one advisor per school.
GT noted that the team are specifically looking to include advisors from the agrifood and
renewable energy sectors.
Andrew Proctor (AP) asked whether the team were involved in apprenticeships. GT advised
that the team are promoting apprenticeships as well as the Youth Pledge and the range and
content of apprenticeship is promoted within schools to parents as well as pupils.
The Board discussed the challenges faced when engaging schools and the aim of the EAN
in providing information on the wide range of training and educational options available for
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To receive the EAN presentation
To support the recruitment of Enterprise Advisers by championing the Network
Capital Grant Programme - Institute of Productivity
JW and DR left the room.
CD presented the paper and reviewed the history of the application noting the reduction in
funding from that in the original request. The Board had already approved the reduced
amount and asked for details of the delivery outputs from the smaller grant.
CD advised that the proposal reflects the same outputs and delivery as the existing
application but uses an existing building which will be refurbished rather than building a new
Match funding has also been secured reducing the LEP’s funding to around 60% of the total
CS noted that one of the considerations from the last meeting was that the businesses had
not yet been involved given the speed it had progressed but the UEA have assured that they
will be in the future. It is proposed that their involvement be a condition of the funding.
It was agreed that a member of the LEP Executive team should sit on the board.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To approve the award of Capital Growth Programme grant funding of £4.461m to the
Institute of Productivity
JW and DR returned to the room.
GE Update Report - Confidential
DF asked for the Board to be kept up to date on similar events and conversations with a
pipeline of contacts and outcomes established.
ACTION: To provide the Board with regular reporting of the pipeline of visits relating to
inward investment and subsequent outcomes
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To receive regular reports on key visits and discussions relating to inward investment
Chief Executive’s Report
CS thanked all those who had been involved in the ongoing development of the Local
Industrial Strategy and asked for questions on the report.
Steve Oliver queried the delay to the spending on the Gt Yarmouth Flood Defences. CS
confirmed that the Environment Agency to whom the funding has been allocated will be
spending their £8.2 m in the following year after that of the Treasury. The project will
continue as planned but the spend will be in the next financial year.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
MIPIM Update Report and Proposal for 2019
JM presented the paper to the Board and provided an update on the results of MIPIM 2018
and the resulting leads.
JM reviewed the revised approach to MIPIM 2019 and the proposal being presented to the
board of the condensed model focussing promoting a reduced number specific investment
opportunities at key events.
AP expressed his support but noted that taking fewer sites posed challenges in ensuring
that the right sites were included.
JM proposed also using the opportunity to launch the new brand and stated that it was vital
to include those sites which are ready for investment noting that the exact number of sites
included was flexible.
Matthew Hicks (MH) asked for specific details of the outcomes of leads generated from
2018. JM advised that contacts for investments in Norwich and Gt Yarmouth were close to
signing and there had also been interest in Bury and along the A14 corridor.
The meeting discussed the challenges in recording outputs and noted that not all contacts
come from MIPIM and could have taken place anyway made regardless of attendance at
that event.
DR noted that absence from such events can be noted but that the costs should be kept
down where possible.
Pete Joyner (PJ) noted that importance of using opportunities to promote and reinforce the
new brand.
The Board requested an update on the strategy for using the new brand.
The Board agreed:
To note the contents of the report
To approve the proposal including spend of £28,788, the covering approach, format and
costings for MIPIM UK 2019
To receive details of the brand strategy
June Programme Performance Reports
Rosanne Wijnberg (RW) reviewed the June reports and asked for questions from the Board.
JM reviewed the Enterprise Zone reports noting that job creation was slightly lower than
expected and initial estimates for the space were being reviewed.
SO proposed including details of productivity as a success monitor as well as job numbers
The Board agreed:
To note the contents of the report
Innovation Board Chair Appointment
JM reviewed the paper and thanked DR for his contribution.
DR noted the success of the Board and felt that recent expansion of the Board had been
very successful. DR proposed Johnathan Reynolds as the new Chair.
AP proposed the inclusion of a Local Authority members of the board.
The meeting discussed the suggestion with DR noting that it needed to be someone who
was committed and able to attend regularly.
The Board agreed:
To note the contents of the report
To approve Johnathan Reynolds as Chair of the Innovation Board
To add a member of a Local Authority to the Board
To endorse the thanks to DR for his contribution over the past 3 years
To approve the Innovation Board’s Terms of Reference
LEP Operating and HR Policy Updates
RW presented policies as included in the meeting pack and asked for approval from the
David Ellesmere (DE) reviewed the process carried out to amend the policy and thanked JW
for her input.
It was noted that the Diversity and Equality Policy had been split into internal and external
sections and the Government’s requirements for female board representation had been
included. The policies will be reviewed annually by the board.
The Board discussed how the policy would be monitored and was agreed that an annual
report on the implementation of the policy would be made to the Board and would be added
to the forward plan.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To approve the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
To approve the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy and Statement
To receive an annual report covering progress of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity
Policy implementation including examples. To be added to the Forward Plan
Board Forward Plan
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the plan
Any Other Business
UEA Enterprise Fund - CS advised that he will be the board member for the LEP Executive
team and asked for a volunteer from the Board in addition.
ACTION: Board members to contact CS if they are interested in joining the board (ALL).
Nikos Savvas advised that the International Festival of Education had just taken place and
has been very successful with over 60 speakers involved.
It was agreed that the presentations from beneficiaries of LEP funding had been very useful
and it was agreed that this should be an annual board item.
ACTION: Helen Wilton (HW) to circulate those presentations made to the Board and add the
item to the Forward Plan.
DF advised that board that DR was stepping down as a board member and thanked him for
his dedicated service and support for the LEP. A gift was presented on behalf of the LEP.
DR thanked the Board and expressed his enjoyment of his time as a board member and
wished the LEP every success going forward.
Next meeting:
Date and time of next meeting:
10.00am - 12.30pm, 23rd July 2019
Venue: Norwich Castle, Norwich, Norfolk