New Anglia Board Meeting Minutes (Confirmed)
23rd September 2020
Sam Chapman-Allen (SC)
Breckland Council
David Ellesmere (DE)
Ipswich Borough Council
Doug Field (DF)
East of England Coop
C-J Green (CJG)
Brave Goose
John Griffiths (JG)
West Suffolk Council
Matthew Hicks (MH)
Suffolk County Council
Pete Joyner (PJ)
Shorthose Russell
Dominic Keen (DK)
Helen Langton (HL)
University of Suffolk
Steve Oliver (SO)
MLM Group
Corrienne Peasgood (CP)
Norwich City College
Andrew Proctor (AP)
Norfolk County Council
Johnathan Reynolds (JR)
Sandy Ruddock (SR)
Scarlett & Mustard
Alan Waters (AW)
Norwich City Council
Jeanette Wheeler (JW)
Tim Whitley (TW)
Kathy Atkinson (KA)
Kettle Foods
Mark Ash (MA)
Suffolk County Council
Vince Muspratt (VM)
Norfolk County Council
Julian Munson (JM)
New Anglia LEP - For Item 5
Chris Dashper (CD)
New Anglia LEP - For Item 9
Chris Starkie (CS)
New Anglia LEP
Helen Wilton (HW)
New Anglia LEP
Actions from the meeting: (26.08.20)
Chief Executive’s Report
BR&R data to be circulated to board members
New Anglia Capital
Board members to consider putting themselves forward to join the NAC board
September Performance Reports
Carry out analysis on the impact of EZ planning regulation changes
Suggestion for presenters to be supplied to HW who will organise a programme
Welcome from the Chair
Doug Field (DF) welcomed everyone to the meeting. He noted that latest Government
announcements regarding the changes in restrictions to tackle the recent surge in Covid-9 cases and
reiterated the need for the LEP to provide strong leadership at the challenging time for the local
Apologies were received from Claire Cullens
Declarations of Interest
DF declared an interest in Supapass, under Item 9, the New Anglia Capital Bi-Annual Report.
Helen Langton (HL), Corrienne Peasgood (CP) and Jeanette Wheeler (JW) declared an interest in
item 6 - the Institute of Technology.
John Griffiths (JG), Matthew Hicks (MH) and David Ellesmere (DE) expressed an interest in Item 7 -
Suffolk Inclusive Growth Investment Fund
Full declarations of interest can be found at
Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting held on 21st July 2020
Chris Starkie (CS) confirmed that both outstanding actions were on schedule for
completion by their target date of November 2020.
Innovation Board Update
Julian Munson (JM) presented the board with an update on the work of the Innovation
Board and highlighted the successes achieved in cross-sector innovation across the
JM confirmed that Norfolk County Council was already represented on the Board and that
a letter would be going to Suffolk County Council asking for a representative so that both
local authorities were represented.
JM noted the hard work of his team and advised that, going forwards, they would also be
investigating the opportunities to work more closely with the Skills Advisory Panel (SAP).
Johnathan Reynolds (JR), Chair of the Innovation Board, highlighted the progress
achieved and the important role of local authorities in innovation advising that the board
was keen to continue to work closely with the public sector.
He also noted the benefit of inviting representatives from other bodies, such as the LEP’s
industry councils, to speak at the meetings as this helped to provide a clear understanding
of their requirements.
JR expressed his thanks to JM and his team for their support.
HL queried whether the Innovation Board would be involved in the applications to host an
Institute of Technology (IoT).
JR advised that there was not enough clarity on IoTs at the current time but agreed that
the Board would be working closely educational establishments as the requirements are
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the report
Institute of Technology
HL, JW and CP declared an interest in this item. It was agreed that they would remain for
the discussion but would not participate in the discussion or in the vote.
CS presented the meeting with an update on the process for applying for an IoT and the
local framework which has been drawn up to assist applicants. He advised that LEPs
would be involved in the process but would not have a key decision making role.
CS reviewed the background to the IoTs which aim to bring together business and
technology and noted that the submission of an Expression of Interest earlier in the year
was optional and does not exclude any new applicants submitting to stage one which
formally starts in the Autumn.
The framework is intended to help applicants ensure that their proposals are developed in
line with priorities for the local economy set out in the Economic Strategy, Local Industrial
Strategy and the new Economic Recovery Restart Plan. Expectations and are centred
around 4 key themes - additionality, strategic fit, leverage and deliverability.
The meeting discussed the lessons learnt from the previous application process.
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the report
• To endorse the proposed process and local framework which will be used to set out
regional expectations for Institute of Technology proposals covering Norfolk and
Suffolk Inclusive Growth Investment Fund
JG, MH and DE declared an interest in this item. It was agreed that they would remain for
the discussion but would not participate in the discussion or the vote.
CS reviewed some of the projects included in the Norfolk Strategic Fund which has
previously been awarded £1m of LEP capital funds. He then presented the
the request for £1m of LEP capital funds to the Suffolk Inclusive Growth Investment Fund to
support economic recovery. The Board also received details of the proposed principles for
the process of allocation of the funds and the role of the LEP.
The contribution will be part of a one-year fund that will be open to public sector partners
including the LEP for applications.
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the report
• To approve the allocation of £1m capital from the LEP to Suffolk Inclusive Growth
Investment Fund and the proposed process for the management and allocation of the
funds as set out in the report
Chief Executive’s Report
CS presented the report and highlighted key items.
He noted the success of the Business Resilience and Recovery scheme and advised that
a paper providing further information on recipients of the funding would be presented at the
October board meeting.
CS stated that round 500 companies had now signed up for the Restart Festival and
encouraged board members to promote the festival.
CS highlighted the launch of the Tech 100, a virtual event where presentations were
provided by Stephen Fry and Tim Whitley (TW) who confirmed the success of the occasion
which promoted the top 100 innovative and high-potential digital tech companies from the
Peer to Peer Network - CS advised that the first cohort of businesses was being recruited
and they would ensure that the care sector was included in the allocations of spaces for
Banham Poultry Covid-19 outbreak - CS confirmed that the LEP has worked closely with
the company and other businesses in the poultry industry to provide support during the
outbreak and to ensure lessons learnt are carried forward.
JG asked for details ofgrant recipients to be circulated.
CS confirmed that the appraisal process for the Visitor Economy Grants (VEGs) and Wider
Economy Grants (WEGs) was still ongoing but details of the Business Resilience and
Recovery (BRR) funding would be provided.
BRR data to be circulated to board members
CS noted the successful work across the Economic Development Officers across the
region in promoting the scheme.
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the report
New Anglia Capital Bi-Annual Report - Confidential
The New Anglia Capital Board has requested another member to enhance capacity.
Volunteers were requested from the Board.
ACTION: Board members to consider putting themselves forward to join the NAC board
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the report
September Performance Reports
Rosanne Wijnberg (RW) presented the reports to the Board and highlighted key items.
Growth Deal - The dashboard covers Q1 April to June demonstrating how the pandemic
impacted on delivery and finances. It is anticipated that the projects will slow down but
outputs will still be achieved.
Enterprise Advisor Network - the report details that 2 targets were missed which relate to
direct contact with employers. The EAN team have used innovative approaches to
supporting students and their best practice is being considered for further roll out.
Enterprise Zones (EZs) - JR asked the recent changes to planning regulations would
impact on the EZs or provide more opportunities.
RW confirmed that this would be investigated further on a site by site basis
ACTION: Carry out analysis on the impact of EZ planning regulation changes
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the reports
• To approve the Growth Deal Dashboard
Board Forward Plan
JW noted that the Board had previously met in different locations allowing projects and
partners to present to them and asked if a programme of presentations could be included
in future virtual meetings. The Board agreed with the suggestion.
ACTION: Suggestion for presenters to be supplied Helen Wilton (HW) who will organise a
The Board agreed:
• To note the content of the plan
Any Other Business
CS confirmed that the LEP response to the Comprehensive Spending Review had been issued
for comments by the board with the board papers and as all were content would now be signed
off by DF and submitted.
At his final meeting as LEP Chair DF expressed his thanks to the board members for their
support during his term as chair and wished C-J Green (CJG) success as she took over the
CS and the board thanked DF for his hard work and commitment to the region during his time
both as a board member and as its chair.
CJG proposed a vote of thanks to DF on behalf of the board and personally thanked him for the
assistance he had provided to her as incoming chair.
Her comments were strongly supported by the board members who added their thanks.
DF was also presented with a card and gift vouchers and a photo book highlighting key events
during his time as chair.