New Anglia Board Meeting
27th November 2019
Key Points
Enterprise Adviser Network and Careers Hub and EAN and Careers Hub Extension
The Board received an update on the work of the Enterprise Adviser Network over the past year including the
current coverage and the future aims of the EAN and the Careers Hub. The Board also heard from Ben Miller
from Konica Minolta about his role as an Enterprise Adviser and his views on the importance of student contact
with business.
The Board agreed:
To an allocation of £155k in the LEP budget for 2020/21 to enable a one-year extension of the Enterprise
Adviser Network and Careers Hub
To the submission of an ESF bid by the LEP and partners to enhance the EAN and Careers Hub
To allocate, in principle, up to £220k for 2021/22 and up to £225k for 2022/23 in match funding towards the
ESF bid
The LEP’s role in enabling infrastructure for growth
The Board was provided with a presentation outlining the different roles of the LEP and partners in the provision
of infrastructure and highlighting the progress being made in key strategic projects over the past year.
The Board agreed:
To task the LEP’s sub boards and working groups responsible for infrastructure with considering how the clean
growth agenda might be achieved
To identify infrastructure priorities and submit details to the new government
Towns Fund and the role of LEPs
The Board received details of the background to the new Towns Fund including details of how this fund aligns
with much of the work of the LEP. Norwich, Ipswich, King’s Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft have been
invited to put forward bids to deliver long term economic and productivity.
ESIF Strategy
The Board was provided with an update of the European Investment Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk which
underpins the allocation of the £86.43m European Structural and Investment (ESIF) funding allocated to the New
Anglia LEP area.
The Board agreed:
To approve the updated ESIF Strategy
Chief Executive’s Report
The Chief Executive’s report was presented to the Board and discussed.
The Board agreed
That the LEP representative can make financial decisions involving funding attributed to the SE Energy Hub
on behalf of New Anglia LEP
Any Other Business
The Board discussed attendance at MIPIM, Cannes to exhibit under the Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited brand
alongside the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor in the London pavilion. This is one of the largest and most
visited areas of the show, with 2,500 delegates from 70 companies and 33 London Boroughs attached to the
pavilion. The budget is £25k.
The Board agreed:
To approve the spend and authorise progression of plans to attend MIPIM in March 2020
Further Papers Reviewed
Brexit (Noted)
October Programme Performance Reports including Dashboards (Noted and approved)
Board Forward Plan (Noted)