New Anglia Skills Advisory Panel Meeting
27th August 2020
Via Microsoft Teams
In attendance:
Ben Miller, Konica Minolta (BM)
Christine Futter, Norfolk and Suffolk Care
Bev Moxon, ESFA (BMo)
Support (CF)
Chris Gribble, Writers’ Centre Norwich
Claire Cullens, New Anglia LEP Board and
SAP Chair (CC)
Cllr Mary Evans, Suffolk County Council
Clarke Willis, Swallow Barns (CW)
Corrienne Peasgood, City College Norwich
Cllr Stuart Clancy, Norfolk County Council
David Gartland, Abbeygate 6th Form (DG)
David Pomfret, College of West Anglia
Dayle Bayliss, Dayle Bayliss Associates
Dena Read, ESFA (DR)
Helen Langton (Professor), University of
Glen Todd, New Anglia LEP (GT)
Suffolk (HL)
Guy Hazelhurst, EDF (GH)
Jan Feeney, Norfolk County Council (JF)
Jason Parnell, Steadfast Training (JP)
Lynsey Sweales, representing Norfolk
Judith Mobbs, Suffolk County Council (JM)
Chamber of Commerce (LS)
Julia Nix, DWP (JN)
Lucy Walker, ESFA (LW)
Karen Gibson, Norfolk County Council (KG)
Michael Gray, Suffolk County Council (MG)
Natasha Waller, New Anglia LEP (NW)
Nikos Savvas, West Suffolk College (NS)
Peter Basford, BDO Group (PB)
Peter Funnell, Oakmere Solutions (PF)
Richard Self, agricultural representative
Richard Bridgman, Warren Services (RB)
Seb Gasse, NCC (SG)
Stuart Smith, People with Energy (SS)
Stuart Rimmer, East Coast College (SR)
Tracey Cox, ESFA (TC)
Tom Brown, Green Light Trust (TB)
Tom Humphries, Norfolk County Council
Angela Berry, West Suffolk College (AB)
Vince Muspratt, Norfolk County Council
Karin Porter (NCC)
Polly Bridgman, University of Suffolk (PB)
Viv Gillespie, Suffolk New College (VG)
Simon Papworth, New Anglia LEP (SP)
Yvonne Mason, The Mason Trust (YM)
Item 1: Welcome
Claire Cullens welcomed everyone to the meeting - an additional one due to urgency of the
Minutes were reviewed and approved.
Item 2: The Current Landscape
Data Update - Simon Papworth (SP)
SP gave an update on furlough data including sector uptake, differences in districts and financial
value. Similar evidence was also given on the self-employed income support scheme. The unique job
postings have also declined from the same period in 2019 but pleasingly the median wage advertised
has increased.
SP also announced that the LEP, in partnership with NCC & SCC are recruiting for a Skills Data Analyst
on a graduate internship basis to support the work of the SAP.
Item 3: The Norfolk and Suffolk Covid-19 Economic Recovery Restart Plan
NW informed members that a People delivery plan has been put together to take forward activity.
Much of this accelerates, re-purposes or further supports existing activity but we are developing the
Job Support Programme to support individuals who are facing or have been made redundant plus
carrying out business health check ups in conjunction with the Growth Hub. There are currently 300
listings on our Employment Opportunities page.
The SAP has been asked to oversee this delivery and the progress of the delivery plan. Much of the
activity will occur through the Workforce Workstream group which has been meeting since the
beginning of the lockdown period.
There was discussion about how we can link it with other work within the SAP plus externally. NW
explained that the ethos was very much like the direction of travel for the Economic Strategy and we
are keen that stakeholders support the delivery through a number of ways, not just those directly
cited in the delivery plan so we will be happy to be alerted to other projects.
ACTION: Members asked to review the Job Support Programme website pages and make comments
plus promote through their networks (
ACTION: CC asked NW to map the delivery plan against the 4 SAP objectives before the next SAP
Item 4: IoT
NW informed members that DfE have earlier in the year announced the next round of
Institutes of Technology. Draft guidance has been issued and it is believed that there are bids
being worked up in the LEP area.
The LEP Strategy team, supported by skills officers in NCC and SCC have developed an
enhanced checklist to put a local nuance on the national guidance. The SAP group reviewing
Agile and responsive training can utilise the framework for their own statement.
There was some debate over how much involvement the LEP will be making in deciding
which local bids would go forward. CP believes she has received guidance from DfE that this
will be limited.
Other debate centred around competition with bids, framework for steering them to
maximise impact, consolidating bids and increased employer engagement.
A LEP Board paper was planned for September and the SAP were asked for agreement on
the direction of travel but CC will seek clarification from Chris Starkie.
ACTION: CC to seek further guidance from Chris Starkie.
Item 5: AOB
CC thanked NW for the work putting the delivery plan together and associated restart
Next meeting scheduled for September 17th at 10am.
Update post SAP meeting: It has been agreed to pause the Youth Pledge Advisory Group due
to the level of activity taking place supporting young people through the SAP objective group
Equipping Young People for Success, ESF programmes and with those initiatives recently
announced by the Chancellor in his A Plan for Jobs.