(as at 1st June 2018)
East Anglia is a successful part of the UK economy and one of the fastest growing.
Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex generate over £60 billion in GVA for the economy each year
- expected to reach over £75 billion by 2026. Considerable growth in housing and
employment will be based in a large part on the continued success of many dynamic
and innovative sectors and businesses based here - with more being attracted from
within the UK and overseas.
This summarises the key findings of “Once in a generation - a rail prospectus for
East Anglia”. This document was the result of significant research, work and
collaboration of stakeholders across the region, including MPs, local authorities, LEPs,
business leaders and passenger groups. It set out a clear agenda for rail
improvements, which included the compelling business case for significant investment
along the Great Eastern Main Line (GEML), in particular, new rolling stock and the
reduction of journey times - the so called “Norwich in 90” “Ipswich in 60” “Colchester
in 40” concept.
To campaign for this investment the Great Eastern Mainline Taskforce was created in
November 2013, at the invitation of the then Chancellor, George Osborne.
The East Anglia Rail Prospectus may be viewed at: www.newanglia.co.uk
The GEML Taskforce Business Case may be viewed at:
Progress and Momentum - campaign success
On 11th August 2016, Abellio East Anglia was announced as the new franchise holder
for services across East Anglia for the period October 2016 to 2025. Highlights of the
DfT announcement included:
New rolling stock - £1.4bn for over 1,000 state-of-the-art carriages. Complete
renewal of fleet to be introduced between early 2019 and October 2020
Faster journey times with key services achieving Norwich in 90, Ipswich in 60
and Colchester in 40
32,000 extra seats on peak-hour services by the beginning of 2021
1,144 extra services a week by the end of 2020
Free Wi-Fi for all passengers
Four through trains a day Lowestoft-London (via East Suffolk line)
Two trains an hour in each direction Norwich-Gt Yarmouth
Most trains from Norwich to Cambridge extended to Stansted Airport
Hourly service Ipswich-Bury St Edmunds-Peterborough
Most trains to/from Sudbury run through to Colchester Town
Focus and priorities from now on
The focus of the GEML Taskforce now turns to ensuring:
Greater Anglia delivers on the investments and commitments outlined in the new
Network Rail delivers on the required planned investment in CP5 and CP6
Funding is secured to deliver the following critical projects which impact on
achieving Norwich in 90, Ipswich in 60 and Colchester in 40:
o Trowse Swing Bridge
o Haughley Junction
o Loops south of Colchester
o Re-signalling south of Chelmsford
o Liverpool Street station improvements
Our influential voice is heard in all consultations relevant to the network (eg. level
crossings; route studies; regional transport plans; highways plans)
Collaborations are maintained and built across all key stakeholder groups so that
passenger and business interests continue to be championed across the region
and in government
Constructive and mutually supportive working relationships between the
Taskforce and service providers are at the heart of delivering the new
investments and improved services
And across East Anglia:
Supporting the delivery of improved services and investment across the wider
network - in line with the ‘Our Counties Connected’ Manifesto and maintaining an
interest in work taking place in other Rail Taskforce groups, including the West
Anglia Mainline and the Ely Area Improvements Taskforce.
Continuing to provide evidence-based business cases for additional investment
Driving innovation in integrated service provision
Building the coalitions of interest that will ensure our increasingly mobile and
accessible economy is recognised as a leading contributor to UKplc, and a
destination of choice for national and international business
Having an influential strategic voice in any new governance structures resulting
from devolution (eg. ‘Transport for the East’)
Working arrangements
The Taskforce will continue to be a strategic body. It will coordinate with local
stakeholders, provide overall direction and identify options for funding. It will meet every
two months.
The secretariat and project management functions for the Taskforce and Working Group
will be provided by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (Marie Finbow).
Membership of the Taskforce
Priti Patel (Chair) Member of Parliament for Witham
Chloe Smith - Member of Parliament for Norwich North
Will Quince - Member of Parliament for Colchester
Rt Hon Bernard Jenkin - Member of Parliament for Harwich and North Essex
Sandy Martin - Member of Parliament for Ipswich
Dr Therese Coffey - Member of Parliament for Suffolk Coastal
James Cartlidge - Member of Parliament for South Suffolk
James Cleverly - Member of Parliament for Braintree
Vicky Ford - Member of Parliament for Chelmsford
Kemi Badenoch - Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden
Jo Churchill - Member of Parliament for Bury St Edmunds
Richard Bacon - Member of Parliament for South Norfolk
Clive Lewis - Member of Parliament for Norwich South
Lucy Frazer - Member of Parliament for South East Cambridgeshire
Giles Watling - Member of Parliament for Clacton
Meliha Duymaz, Interim Anglia Route Managing Director, Network Rail
Richard Taylor, Principal Strategic Planner, Network Rail
Matt Brennan, Public Affairs Manager, Network Rail
Jamie Burles, Managing Director of Greater Anglia
Mike Kean, Franchise & Programmes Director & Deputy Managing Director Great
Jonathan Denby, Head of Corporate Affairs, Greater Anglia
David Burch, Director of Policy, Essex Chamber of Commerce
Adam Bryan, Managing Director, South East LEP
George Kieffer, Vice Chairman, South East LEP
Councillor Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council
Councillor Mary Evans, Suffolk County Council
Chris Starkie, Chief Executive, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
Marie Finbow, Strategy Manager, New Anglia LEP (project manager for the
Hayley Mace, Head of Communications, New Anglia LEP (communications
manager for the Taskforce)
Advisory Members / Observers
James Conway, Senior Planning and Investment Manager, DfT
Two-way communications
The Taskforce recognises the significant interest in its work by a number of stakeholder
groups and individuals, including passengers, local authorities, LEPs and businesses
across East Anglia.
The Taskforce will continue to keep stakeholders fully informed with progress and
feedback and will encourage regular two-way communications, including at events, to
provide opportunities for everyone to shape and influence the work of the Taskforce.