Job title:
Chair of the Board
Main purpose:
To collaborate with the Board, Chief Executive (CEO) and Chief
Operating Officer (COO) to enable economic growth across Norfolk
and Suffolk. To work with partners and stakeholders to ensure a
cohesive approach.
Key relationships: The CEO & COO, the LEP Board, LEP Executive Team, local
authorities, universities and colleges in New Anglia, business
leaders and business organisations, sector groups, the LEP
Network, Westminster and Whitehall.
It’s the excellent collaboration and efforts of the LEP, its Board, its people and its numerous
volunteers and stakeholders and in particular its public sector partners which make New
Anglia LEP a leading force for change. We work hard to be inclusive to bring to bear the skill,
talents and resources of all those interested in driving growth in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Key Responsibilities:
Provide clarity of purpose to ensure the Board is effective in setting and
implementing the organisations direction and strategy.
To take chair at board and Annual General Meetings. This will involve working with
the Chief Executive to determine the order of the agenda; ensuring the board
receives accurate, timely and clear information; keeping track of the contribution of
individual directors and ensuring that they are all involved in discussions and
decision-making. At all meetings the Chair should direct discussions to a consensus
view and sum up discussions so that everyone understands what has been agreed.
Support the Chief Executive to fulfil the organisations potential.
Create the environment for a high performing board team.
Ensure that New Anglia LEP and the Board comply with the published Local
Assurance Framework.
Support the development of the effective and inclusive private public sector partnership
to achieve practical outcomes with a consensual approach.
Promote and inspire confidence in the wider business community and our partners by
demonstrating an understanding of the economy, the area and our stakeholders to
support and attract business growth.
Represent New Anglia LEP to the outside world, in meetings with business and public
sector partners including Government Ministers, and the media.
Support the recruitment of board members, Chief Executive and Chief Operating
Officer, and provide support for the induction of those recruited.
Champion diversity and inclusion, for recruitment, membership and decision making.
Uphold the high standards set out in the LEP’s Standards of Conducts Policy.
Person Specification:
• Integrity.
• A senior business leader with a least three years in a board level role.
• A successful individual with good standing in the business community.
• Is making a difference to the New Anglia business economy now.
• Experienced stakeholder management, including building public and private sector
partnerships at local and/or regional or national level.
• Experience of chairing meetings seeking balanced and informed decisions.
• Experience of managing corporate governance and codes of conduct.
• A considered approach to problem solving and able to demonstrate sound judgement.
• Understands drivers of business growth and economic environment.
• Has the interests of the New Anglia business community and Norfolk and Suffolk’s
economy at heart.
• Excellent communication and listening skills.
• Good team player.
• Reliable, effective and efficient.
• Strong influencer and persuader.
• Ability to devote the time to fulfil the role.