The Innovative Projects Fund

The Innovative Projects Fund is a revenue grant programme that provides funding towards innovative projects to support the delivery of the themes and activities identified in the Economic and Industrial Strategies.

The first call of the Innovative Projects Fund was made in 2018 with a remit to facilitate innovative projects supporting economic growth and the delivery of the Economic Strategy utilising revenue from the Enterprise Zone Pot C.

Case studies of the projects funded through the 2018 call can be found below.

  • NUA
    NUA Creative Internships

    Award: £66,450

  • Skills Events
    East Anglia Skills Initiative

    Award: £15,000

  • Deck Chairs, Cornhill, April 2018 02
    Ipswich Cornhill

    Award: £50,000

    Norfolk & Suffolk Offshore Wind, Competitive Positioning Programme

    Award: £98,268

    ORE Catapult

    Award: £50,000

  • VEE Growing the economy
    Growing the Year-round economy

    Award: £110,000

  • Bulding Supply Chains
    Building Supply Chains

    Award: £22,000