economic recovery renewal plan

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The Economic Recovery Renewal Plan will set out the actions and commitments that are required to grow more economically and environmentally resilient future for Norfolk and Suffolk.

The Renewal plan will not be a new strategy, but an evolved plan which will consolidates the Economic Strategy, Local Industrial Strategy and the Restart plan into one.

It will refine our ambitions, focusing on interventions where the biggest gains and impact can be achieved.

We will review and agree what success looks like and how we measure it.

We need to remain agile to the continually changing landscape.

How you can get involved

Join one of our virtual business engagement workshops to find out more and input your ideas. If you can’t attend a virtual session, you can complete the feedback form by scrolling down this page.

The workshops will take place on:

The workshops will:

  • Review how the Norfolk and Suffolk economy is doing and test some of the emerging observations.
  • Review the current actions and interventions in place and check if they are still fit for purpose.
  • Develop new actions and interventions need to make Norfolk and Suffolk economy renew and grow in a way that makes it more resilient, innovative, and benefits all our people.

Alternatively, complete the feedback form below to share your views.

You can also download our engagement pack by clicking on the buttons below.

The context

The economic context continues to evolve – with the impact of the pandemic, the exit for the EU, acceleration of digitisation and addressing climate change the main drivers.

Despite the challenges of the past year, from an economic strategy perspective Norfolk and Suffolk is in a strong position. The Economic Strategy, Local Industrial Strategy and the Restart Plan all provide a strong foundation to build on and partners have pledged to work together to transform our growing economy into one of the best places in the world to live, work, learn and succeed in business.

Important as it is to repair economic damage, a quick return to business as usual could be environmentally harmful and a missed opportunity.

The economic slowdown, following the 2008 financial crisis, saw a reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.

But this didn’t last long. Emissions reached a record high not long after, in part because measures implemented to stimulate economies had limited regard for the environmental consequences.

It is important that we do what we can to ensure the same pattern doesn’t repeat itself.

A climate positive recovery could not only bring about significant emissions reductions but also create more jobs and economic growth than a high-carbon economy.

This will be a central focus for the Norfolk and Suffolk Economic Renewal Plan.


July – September

Engagement session with partners to review evidence, current interventions and develop new interventions.


Drafting of the Renewal Plan


Consultation with partners on draft plan


Design of Renewal Plan

January 2022

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