Transport and Logistical Efficiencies (TALE)

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TALE is a grant and support scheme helping small and medium sized logistics companies become more efficient and productive through their use of data.


Transport and Logistical Efficiencies (TALE)




The aim of the TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies) programme is to increase efficiency and productivity in SMEs in both the logistics sector, sectors with a logistics function and supply chain operations. TALE supports SMEs across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and East Sussex.
The aim of the TALE programme is to help understand how they can better use a key business asset – data. With a better understanding of how to gather business intelligence, the SMEs engaged in the project can then make more informed decisions.
TALE grants can be worth from £1k to £10k depending on the project. They also offer free mentoring packages worth £1,200. Eligibility is determined through a straight-forward approval process. So far, the TALE programme has supported 245 businesses and awarded £1.55m of grants with £360k still up for grabs.
Success story 
Waller Transport – a haulage and logistics company based in Ipswich, serving the UK and Europe for over 50 years.
The Managing Director of Waller Transport recognised it would be necessary to invest in new technologies in order to continue providing a simple, hassle-free service. With support from the TALE project, Waller Transport were awarded a £25,000 grant.
The grant funded a web-based transport system, and Proof of Delivery (POD) software. Their new approach to data helped Waller Transport to improve their customer experience and remain competitive in the logistics market.
TALE is managed by the Haven Gateway Partnership, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The programme is delivered with the expertise of the University of Essex, and the University of Kent.
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