Sudbury Western Bypass Study

Award: £100,000. This scheme is to undertake a feasibility study for a bypass west of Sudbury. The bypass would seek to reduce congestion on the A131 primary route running through the centre of the town. HGV traffic has been a long-standing issue for residents and businesses and the road currently divides the commercial centre of Sudbury.


  • March 2017: Strategic Outline business case has been completed and was published on 20 March 2017. It shows that a relief road to the west of Sudbury would cost approximately £40 million with a benefit to cost ratio of greater than 3, which means that for every £1 invested in the new road there would more than £3 of transport benefits. SCC is now seeking further funding to develop a more detailed business case to support a bid for the substantive funding from Government to deliver the new road.

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