Releasing the Sutton Hoo Story

Award £200,000

Project is a major infrastructure project led by the National Trust. It will enable the Trust to provide world-class visitor facilities to showcase a site of international historic significance in Suffolk. Directly creating 12 permanent jobs, the project delivers an additional 37,000 visitors to the site. Throughout the project opportunities have been taken to maximise learning and new skills development. It will enhance the standing and reputation of this estate as home to one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries in England, contributing to the reputation of the LEP area as a place to visit, invest and work and learn.
The project will develop skills through a dynamic and layered activity programme. Access to the Royal Burial Ground and surrounding landscape will be transformed through a new viewing tower. Fresh immersive interpretation will reveal the stories that evoke the powerful spirit, drama and significance of this Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The project was awarded a grant of £200,000 from the LEPs Growing Places Fund.


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