We have global all-energy expertise with 50 years’ expertise in the oil and gas sector, and the world’s largest windfarms in development off the coast with globally competitive renewables supply chain and support industry.

The East of England Energy Zone is unrivalled in the UK for its unique mix of wind power, gas and nuclear energy production. The supply chain has decades of experience and expertise, recognised with Enterprise Zone status. The coast around Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft is at the centre of the world’s largest market for offshore wind. Capital investment in energy worth £50bn is planned for the region by 2020, with the world’s largest windfarm in development off the coast and the proposed development of Sizewell C nuclear power station creating 25,000 jobs.


Our Sector Group

The East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) represents over 350 member organisations operating across the energy spectrum: from oil and gas, to wind, wave and tidal. EEEGR is working to identify opportunities to secure new business for its members, as well as promoting the unique ‘all energy’ offer provided by Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

Simon Gray is the Chief Executive of the East of England Energy Group. Simon is keen to talk to colleagues in the energy sector about what EEEGR is doing to ensure the continued success of this critically important industry for Norfolk and Suffolk. Please contact him at

Norfolk & Suffolk are leading the way in delivering sustainable and low carbon energy solutions to underpin economic growth across the UK. The Southern North Sea currently plays host to over 150 offshore gas assets, together with 986 offshore wind turbines generating 3.75GW of renewable power directly off the region’s coast, with an additional 1,000+ turbines generating some 14GW of offshore wind power to be installed over the next decade. The sector is driving down costs through innovation and collaboration, developing new technologies across our energy system, maximising offshore production and generation. The sector employs more some 8,469 skilled people in more than 834 companies.


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