New Anglia Investment Appraisal Committee

The LEP's Investment Appraisal Committee ensures allocation of funding is delivered appropriately through the LEP’s Growing Places Fund, Growing Business Fund, Capital Growth Programme, Enterprise Zone Accelerator Fund, and other funds as appropriate. It acts on behalf of the LEP board to ensure that the funding allocations support the development of schemes that deliver the Economic Strategy and are made in accordance with the Assurance Framework.

The committee comprises a total of eight members. Seven committee members will be members of the LEP Board - four private sector and three from the public sector. The remaining member will be the Accountable Body Section 151 officer or their representative.

You can read the Investment Appraisal Committee Terms of Reference here.

Board members:

Lindsey Rix (chair); David Ellesmere; Alan Waters; John Griffiths; Dominic Keen (LEP Board Champion for the Growing Business Fund programme); Sandy Ruddock (LEP Board Champion for the Growing Business Fund programme); Tim Whitley.

Dates for 2019

Dates for 2018