Interreg and the New Anglia area

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Interreg is the key instrument of the European Union to support cooperation between partners across borders, in order to tackle common challenges together and find shared solutions – whether in the field of health, research and education, transport or sustainable energy.

Norfolk and Suffolk are within the eligible area for two cross border programmes; the 2 Seas Programme, and the France (Channel) England Programme. The transnational programmes North Sea Region and North West Europe are also within scope for Norfolk and Suffolk applicants, as is the interregional Interreg Europe Programme, which covers all of the EU. Each of these programmes has its own eligible area as well as its own priorities and objectives
Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils have an excellent track record in all areas of EU funding. Their teams can:

• Offer advice and guidance to potential applicants, to identify the fund which would best fit with project ideas, and to advise on the bidding process.
• Provide information and expertise in the management and administration of EU funding
• Facilitate the creation of essential partnerships and networks of public, private and voluntary sector organisations.
• Provide a link to the appropriate Programme Facilitators and contacts.
• Support project compliance and record keeping, helping to ensure that projects comply with the strict EU requirements regarding evidence and expenditure.
• Be a potential partner for projects. In cases where partnerships are required to include a local government organisation, both Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils are eligible to be partners. Both have led on a variety of EU funded projects collaborated on a number of LEP-wide EU projects.


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