European Regional Development Fund

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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding focuses on supporting business competitiveness, creating jobs, investment in innovation and the low carbon economy. Projects receiving funding need to demonstrate their contribution to the wider strategic economic growth aims of the New Anglia area, as articulated in our Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk and Euopean Investment Strategy.

There is a single ERDF Programme for England but investment decisions are based on locally identified priorities. It is therefore important that potential projects are familiar with both the local and national Programme documents in developing their ideas.

Approximately £38m of ERDF is available in Norfolk and Suffolk between 2015 and 2020. ERDF typically funds up to half of the costs of any project, therefore match funding will need to be sourced.

To view the national ERDF Operational Programme document, click here. In addition, for applicants potentially seeking ERDF investment under Priority Axis 1 – Research and Innovation – it is important that projects can demonstrate fit with the national Smart Specialisation Strategy for England. This Strategy has been developed as an EU condition of Innovation-based investment and is designed to ensure that funding awarded is done so on the basis of focused and targeted intervention logic.

Local Support for Project Development

We also have ERDF Facilitators working across New Anglia who are available to support potential project applicants in developing their ideas and to broker relationships between projects and partners. If you have a project idea, the facilitators should be the first point of contact: